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 >>Objectieven/Carousel objectieven 52.5mm
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carousel  objectieven 52.5mm

Reflecta Digitdia 7000

Reflecta Digitdia 7000

Prijs excl. BTW:
€ 1.734,71

Prijs incl. BTW:
€ 2.099,00

With a resolution of up to 10.000 dpi and a maximum density of 4.2 Dmax, the reflecta DigitDia 7000 magazine scanner delivers quickly high-quality digital reproductions of your slides in top quality. Highlights: • Magic Touch: automatic retouching of dust and scratches with the help of infrared technology • Multipass Xposure: Increases dynamic range through multiple exposure (HDR • Multiple Sampling: reduces digital noise The scanner operates completely independently - just insert the magazine into the scanner and enter the number of slides to be scanned into the software. The scanning software also offers automatic functions forexposure, color correction and contrast. Product Information: - Image Sensor: linear color CCD - Color Depth: 48 Bit - Resolution: 10.000 dpi - Light Source: film gentle LED - Dmax: 4.2 - Infrared channel: integrated - Duration Preview Scan: 15 sec. - Duration Main Scan: @5000dpi ca.150 sec. - Scan Area max.: 36,5 x 36,5mm - Batch Scanning: directly from magazine - PC Interface: USB 2.0 - Viewer: slide viewer with backlight - Control Keys: forward, backward, QuickScan Technical Details: - Weight: 2,9 kg - Dimensions: 300 x 290 x 125 mm (LxWxH - Power Supply: adapter 12V/1,5A Delivery Content: Scanner, power adapter, USB cable, user’s manual, slide magazine, Scan software: CyberView X System Requirements: Windows: Windows XP (SP2, Vista, 7, 8, 10 2.0 GHz CPU or faster; min. 2 GB RAM; free HDD space: min. 10 GB Mac: Mac OS X 10.7 or higher; Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz CPU or faster; min. 2 GB RAM; free HDD space: min. 10 GB The following magazine types can be used together with the reflecta DigitDia 7000: - CS magazines - Universal magazines DIN 108 - LKM magazines - Paximat magazines

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